Learning ESOL together with the WEA.


Tutor Sue with ESOL students

The students on our ESOL course had a busy end of term after completion of  their City and Guilds exams.

On the last day of term a celebration was held with students and the tutor contributing refreshments to an end of term gathering at Abbey Access Centre.

The end of term was also a chance for students to reflect on what they learnt and enjoyed about their course with the WEA.

Zahra, a student on the Level 2 ESOL course said, “I started the course because I felt I needed to learn more about english grammar. Sue is very good at teaching me. She helps me to remember things. I recommend this class to new students.”

Student Marianna said, ” I am Marianna and I really love to live here in England. I came to Lincoln in 2009 and straight away I started to look around for somewhere I could learn and improve my English.”

“Before I started I felt nervous but I was also excited. I thought the class would be a great opportunity to improve my English knowledge.”

” What I enjoy most about the class is that Sue is such a great teacher! she always prepares the class and subject for us and she teaches in a very good way. Also all the classmates are very polite and we always worked hard together and were a great team.”

“I would advise anyone thinking of joining the class to do it! It is a great opportunity to learn with good teachers in a nice atmosphere”.

Finally student Henry said ” I feel that coming to class has made my level of English better. I come each week and I hope to continue next term. Before the course started I felt a little anxious because the course was higher than my level but it has gone very well. I have improved. I enjoy coming to class very much. It is good to come to class because you do not just learn about speaking you will learn about grammar as well.”

The WEA will be running an ESOL course in the Autumn term. For further details please contact the WEA office on 01522 522 472.

Recycled art: papier mache at Ancaster Day Centre

Students on the Mixed Media course at Ancaster Day Centre have spent the summer course exploring the art of Papier Mache.

They have learnt to construct and decorate Papier Mache art work using newspaper,glue, recycled materials and paint.

Some students created cats and spent time scrunching a base from paper before moulding it to shape with tape and covering the structure. Others used a cardboard ‘frame’ to stick the paper mache onto. Some students chose to make and decorate bowls by using a plastic bowl covered in clingfilm.


Percy the cat in his basket

Students looked at creating different fur textures using careful painting techniques with different brushes. Students also researched the appearances of different cats and looked at their markings in detail. Additional creations included a cat basket and name tags and collars! many students named their cats.

Other students chose to create bowls. this stunning bowl was made with carefully layered paper and paint in copper and red tones.


The students all enjoyed exploring papier-mache and are looking forward to their next course in September.

Summer inspired pottery at Ancaster Day Centre

The Introduction to Pottery course at Ancaster Day Centre made pottery work based on the theme of ‘beach huts and light houses’ where the light houses included the addition of a solar powered light.


A selection of Lighthouses made on the course

The lighthouses were all designed and constructed by the students who researched the history and building styles of a variety of lighthouses by looking at pictures. Each lighthouse was unique and different and many had additional features : a boat,seagulls, a wall or steps to name a few!


tiles with a seaside theme

Some students had time to create a range of seaside themed items such as tiles, mobiles and wall plaques.


A hanging wall decoration made by a student

The morning pottery students also looked at solar lights as part of their work, with the aim being to design and make a pottery item that included the addition of a garden light.

The students came up with many creative ideas : including a dalek, a male figure, a telephone box and a gargoyle! the work is shown here in the kiln which is used to fire the items and was too warm to handle at the time of photographing (the pottery room is always a hive of industry with tutor Jane regularly making time to expertly pack and empty the kilns to keep the lessons running smoothly and students work fired).



shown here the telephone box and male figure.


the white glaze will become clear once fired and the colours will show through.

Once fired the solar light is added separately . The male figure is reclining on a rock which provides the base for the light.

The pottery course is also ran by tutor Jane at  our venue in Sleaford. To book or for further details please see our latest online brochure by clicking here.

Painting and Drawing Course: Summer 2017


Students gathered  in June to review their work completed on the popular Painting and Drawing course which has been run by WEA tutor Margot Shores.

This term the students have been looking at the idea of ‘Seasons’ –  students looked at a range of subject matter including collage, colour theory and producing a life drawing of a fellow student’s partner!


a waterside scene

One of the topics was titled: one hundred colours:

25 colours representing or associated with each of the four seasons (a grid of 5 x 5 for each season)

Colours were achieved by mixing. Students selected their own medium and took their time to complete the work over the length of the course. The 100 colours chart can then be used as a reference for future artwork.


Another topic covered was a life drawing session where students completed a portrait.  One of students ‘volunteered’ their partner to sit for the group last term for a drawing session.  This was such a good experience for the group (and the model, who read whilst being painted) that Margot invited him back this term for a session of painting the model. (The week prior to this was spent in trying out skin tones and colour mixtures in preparation.)

Margot organised a book token from the group as a ‘thank you’.




Students also completed collages using areas torn out or cut up from magazines:ms-july-2017_34910297823_o



As usual the range of artwork was diverse and showed a huge wealth of talent from the students.


A range of  watercolours by a student who gains inspiration from her travels abroad.


A sketch of a holiday destination


A sketch of a stone bust

The WEA offer a range of courses throughout Lincolnshire, including this course and other art and design courses. For further information or to search for courses visit here.

Building the world in Miniature

Pottery Students at Ancaster Day Centre spent the spring term exploring the world of buildings and architecture in miniature.

fairy houses made by students at Ancaster Day Centre

Tutor Jane encouraged students to think about how houses and other buildings are constructed and what materials were used in their construction.

Throughout the course students tackled a diverse range of design challenges with one student successfully attempting a large church!

A bungalow, a cottage, a romantic ruin, a Tudor dwelling,  pyramids and fairy houses were some of the buildings which were also created.

houses 2

Each item was carefully planned and selected by the student and then constructed with support and advice from the tutor.

houses 3

The course is aimed primarily at adults with disabilities at Ancaster Day Centre Lincoln.

The WEA offer a range of art and design courses throughput Lincolnshire. For more information please contact the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472 or search for courses by clicking:


pyramid plaque

One student looked at pyramids for his design . Two dimentional pyramids were cut out of clay, decorated with textures and glazed then stuck to a background along with a clay depiction of an Egyptian fan.

Life in the UK through its History and Culture.

Experienced tutor Adrian Turner is teaching a new course which begins on Thursday 4th May 2017.

The course will focus on improving English vocabulary by learning about British history, culture and special days in the calendar.

Please note there is a required level for students attending to have achieved  ESOL Entry 2 (or above).

The course venue is the YMCA, St Rumbold Street (above  the gym.)


Tutor: Adrian Turner

Start date & time:04/05/2017 at 10 am – 12  [2 hours].

Venue: YMCA, St Rumbold Street Lincoln LN2 5AR.

Fee: £61.60 for 8 weeks or free if in receipt of an income related benefit.



For further information, or to book a place please contact

WEA Lincoln Office Tel: 01522 522472or 07500823175

Email: lincolnoffice@wea.org.uk or zhandley@wea.org.uk


Learning about colour and pigments with the WEA

An exciting new WEA course aimed at adults with disabilites has been sussessfully taught by experienced art tutor Sally Darlow.

Sally has been extremely busy since January, working hard teaching the course at three different day centres across Lincolnshire! Student feedback has shown the students have embraced the course with enthusiasm and have loved the challenge of learning something fresh and different!

The eleven week course  focused on the educative side of art; looking in depth at colour and pigments. Not only did the students produce fun and colourful pieces of art, they also learned about colour in the world around them, what different colours represent, where pigments come from, as well as the importance of colour in different cultures and parts of history.

Students were encouraged  to take time on their artwork – focusing on what they had learned in the lesson, and applying it to their art – be it a piece of colouring, a mosaic, or their own gilding work! Every piece of art had a purpose, and the students loved learning something new, as well as having something to take home.

Students started the hard work with group discussions called ‘Discussion Duck’, where the students would take it in turns to speak when the duck was in their hand. This encouraged everyone to respect the person speaking.  Sessions ended with a fun memory game – normally there were a few rounds of the game as the students loved it so much!

By the end of course assessment it was discovered that most students had retained the information learned in classes and the students showed interest about continuing their learning with the WEA. Tutor Sally Darlow hopes the students will take the knowledge of Colour and Pigments, and apply it to their daily life, and any courses they may take in the future.

For more information about courses targeted to adults with disabilities please contact the Lincoln office direct on 01522 522 472.