Recycled art: papier mache at Ancaster Day Centre

Students on the Mixed Media course at Ancaster Day Centre have spent the summer course exploring the art of Papier Mache.

They have learnt to construct and decorate Papier Mache art work using newspaper,glue, recycled materials and paint.

Some students created cats and spent time scrunching a base from paper before moulding it to shape with tape and covering the structure. Others used a cardboard ‘frame’ to stick the paper mache onto. Some students chose to make and decorate bowls by using a plastic bowl covered in clingfilm.


Percy the cat in his basket

Students looked at creating different fur textures using careful painting techniques with different brushes. Students also researched the appearances of different cats and looked at their markings in detail. Additional creations included a cat basket and name tags and collars! many students named their cats.

Other students chose to create bowls. this stunning bowl was made with carefully layered paper and paint in copper and red tones.


The students all enjoyed exploring papier-mache and are looking forward to their next course in September.


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