Summer inspired pottery at Ancaster Day Centre

The Introduction to Pottery course at Ancaster Day Centre made pottery work based on the theme of ‘beach huts and light houses’ where the light houses included the addition of a solar powered light.


A selection of Lighthouses made on the course

The lighthouses were all designed and constructed by the students who researched the history and building styles of a variety of lighthouses by looking at pictures. Each lighthouse was unique and different and many had additional features : a boat,seagulls, a wall or steps to name a few!


tiles with a seaside theme

Some students had time to create a range of seaside themed items such as tiles, mobiles and wall plaques.


A hanging wall decoration made by a student

The morning pottery students also looked at solar lights as part of their work, with the aim being to design and make a pottery item that included the addition of a garden light.

The students came up with many creative ideas : including a dalek, a male figure, a telephone box and a gargoyle! the work is shown here in the kiln which is used to fire the items and was too warm to handle at the time of photographing (the pottery room is always a hive of industry with tutor Jane regularly making time to expertly pack and empty the kilns to keep the lessons running smoothly and students work fired).



shown here the telephone box and male figure.


the white glaze will become clear once fired and the colours will show through.

Once fired the solar light is added separately . The male figure is reclining on a rock which provides the base for the light.

The pottery course is also ran by tutor Jane at  our venue in Sleaford. To book or for further details please see our latest online brochure by clicking here.


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