Painting and Drawing Course: Summer 2017


Students gathered  in June to review their work completed on the popular Painting and Drawing course which has been run by WEA tutor Margot Shores.

This term the students have been looking at the idea of ‘Seasons’ –  students looked at a range of subject matter including collage, colour theory and producing a life drawing of a fellow student’s partner!


a waterside scene

One of the topics was titled: one hundred colours:

25 colours representing or associated with each of the four seasons (a grid of 5 x 5 for each season)

Colours were achieved by mixing. Students selected their own medium and took their time to complete the work over the length of the course. The 100 colours chart can then be used as a reference for future artwork.


Another topic covered was a life drawing session where students completed a portrait.  One of students ‘volunteered’ their partner to sit for the group last term for a drawing session.  This was such a good experience for the group (and the model, who read whilst being painted) that Margot invited him back this term for a session of painting the model. (The week prior to this was spent in trying out skin tones and colour mixtures in preparation.)

Margot organised a book token from the group as a ‘thank you’.




Students also completed collages using areas torn out or cut up from magazines:ms-july-2017_34910297823_o



As usual the range of artwork was diverse and showed a huge wealth of talent from the students.


A range of  watercolours by a student who gains inspiration from her travels abroad.


A sketch of a holiday destination


A sketch of a stone bust

The WEA offer a range of courses throughout Lincolnshire, including this course and other art and design courses. For further information or to search for courses visit here.


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