Spring artwork by the Painting and Mixed Media Students


This student captured a cheeky polar bear and a seagull in flight using watercolour paint

The  WEA course based at Ancaster Day Centre gives students the chance to make a personal response to the theme of ‘wild life’ through a range of drawing and painting materials. Painting techniques, drawing techniques, colour theory and mixing and the use of different materials to build up the surface of a composition are also explored.

The course is targeted towards students with disabilities.



This student looked at ‘wildlife under the sea’ and used watercolour to produce this stunning painting of corals underwater




Painted butterflies were layered onto an interesting abstract background by this student and the work was mounted onto a bright red card




This student painted a waterfall onto black paper to produce this interesting composition




This beautiful painting was based on Monet’s artwork –  on the lake, flowers and trees around his garden



This dramatic collage of a  duck was produced by tearing and cutting a range of contrasting papers including tissue paper and newsprint




This student used gouache paint to produce this highly accurate replication of a photograph of parrots.




This student carefully observed the colours of a botanical study of butterflies the carefully painted her own interpretation of the work using watercolour




A bold painting of two butterflies on a carefully colourwashed background.




This student is carefully painting a watercolour picture of a bird..


This student took one image of a landscape and produced three pieces of artwork based on it using a variety of media. Firstly shown is the landscape in oil pastels…



… and here is the same scene produced in (top) watercolour and (bottom) as a torn and twisted tissue paper collage

As can be seen at the midway mark the students have produced some extremely striking pieces of artwork (and this is just a small portion of what they have produced on the course!)

The WEA offer a range of art and craft  courses throughout Lincolnshire designed for all abilities. For more information on what is available in your area please use the search facility  here.



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