Express yourself with Creative Art – Autumn 2016

Rachel Holland-Hargreaves returned after the summer break to again deliver her popular “Express yourself with creative art” course, bringing in returning student and a few new faces to work their way through a full term of concepts and challenges. The course offers students a chance to explore their creative side by setting weekly tasks in a wide array of different styles and mediums, letting students experiment with their own interpretation of the challenge Rachel has set them.


At the end of each term the students display their works to the general public with a mini exhibition which never fails to amaze. Here is a small collection of the works generated each week along with the brief given to the students:

Famous Paintings – Take any painting from any period of art and create your version of it.








Silhouette Panorama – As the days begin to shorten and evenings become darker, create a landscape in silhouette, concentrating on the shapes of buildings, landmarks, trees etc in the solid dark blocks.






Still-life Arrangements – Still-life painting has been a popular genre over the centuries from 17th Century Dutch flower arrangements to everyday objects of the 1960’s. Create a still-life arrangement from a small selection of objects, considering shape, texture, to make a pleasing grouping for you to draw/paint.








Still-life Connections – Taking objects from your still-life arrangements last week, create a design which focuses on the shapes of the objects to develop the theme. This time be creative with different colours, non-naturalistic if you prefer, perhaps take one of the objects of a small detail of the arrangement.








Portrait People – The genre of portrait painting dates back to the Renaissance period, from which point portraits were commissioned both to capture likenesses and as status symbols. Create your own portrait of someone you know or a famous figure in your own choice of medium.








People and Objects – using an image of someone you are familiar with, make links between their character and personality and objects they own or use. Use any medium of your choice, although collage my be appropriate to create a montage to convey this.








Changing Seasons – Using the motif of a tree, divide your image into quarters to represents the four seasons. Illustrate each quarter with different colours and images associated with each season.








One day at a time – Design an Advent Calendar using motifs and materials of your choice, try to keep your design simple to maximise it’s visual impact. Although popular with Children, make this an Advent Calendar to be appreciated by all ages.








Congratulations to all involved in another term which has again resulted in an amazing number of works encompassing a huge array of varied works and well done Rachel for steering the group through 9 weeks of challenging topics.


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