Being a WEA student: where to find additional help and support


The WEA have updated their Student Support Handbook for the new academic year 2016 -2017 and this is now online!

The booklet can be downloaded here .

The booklet covers areas such as:

  • Financial help with fees for your course.
  • Health and Safety
  • Volunteering with the WEA
  • your next steps into study or employment
  • Equal opportunities and diversity

And much more!


studying with the WEA

Please also note the WEA website is an excellent form of up to date  information for students regarding support, an extract of some of the information follows:

“If you have a disability, a learning difficulty, a health issue or other support needs, we will do our best to provide specialist staff and resources to help you succeed in learning. Here are some examples of help:

An assessment to find out what your needs are
Help getting round the building
Extra help in the classroom, e.g. someone to sign or take notes
Extra time in exams or assessments
Equipment such as hearing induction loops or magnifiers
Extra help or tutorials for English, Maths or study skills.”

taken from student support information section.

Some more information to remember:

We are still learning about the best ways to help, so the important thing is to discuss your needs with us.  Any feedback or suggestions of how we can improve are aways welcome.

The earlier you tell us about your needs the better. We will be able to provide help more quickly.

If you have any areas where you feel you need more support contact your course tutor in the first instance who will help you or please ring the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472.

Finally!…. Import information: Safe Learning

We are committed to providing a welcoming environment where everyone is respected and valued, and can feel safe and secure. If you feel that you or other students are unsafe for any reason at all, including discrimination, abuse, harassment or bullying, speak to a member of staff. If you do not feel that you can talk to your tutor, you can ring your Regional Office and ask to speak to a member of the safeguarding staff, or contact Claire Illingworth HR and Development Manager on 0113 245 3304


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