Ancaster Day Centre: Summer term news round up


Firstly the eagerly anticipated Summer Fair was a huge success!  Tutor Jane and her students worked tirelessly to produce and donate pottery and other craft items to sell on their stall.

The stall was just one of many at the fair which was held on a sunny day in July to raise funds for activities and a hydrotherapy pool at the centre.

You can read more about this here

On the day we were also joined by Aimee and Joanna from the Lincoln office who kindly manned the stall to give students a chance to complete paperwork, finish ceramic items and wrap up their work as it was also the final day of term before the summer holidays! Students also took turns manning the stall, selling items and wrapping them up.


A beautifully laid out stall planned and arranged by tutor Jane Howlett and students of the pottery class

talk about multi tasking!


more craft items at the summer fair produced by students

One of our students,  Amanda had this very impressive large vase to get home on the bus.. we are pleased to say she has since been contacted and has confirmed this was successful as she came prepared with old towels to cushion the journey ! Incidentally, whilst on the subject,  the pottery course are always grateful for any donations of bubble wrap for this purpose so  please message us if you think you can help..


Amanda’s art deco inspired pot

Another student, John, used his last session to finish adding surface decoration to this pot which was inspired by iron age pottery. The small marks were made by stamping a metal object into the clay.


John’s pot

In all the fair raised well over £1, 000  for the centre  – nearly £150 of this was from  craft items, pottery included !

The fair was considered by all to be a great fundraiser for the centre  and a wonderful way to round off a very successful term for the pottery class.


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