Spring Artwork : Drawing and Painting Course

IMG_0713 (2)


This Wednesday the art class held at Age UK, Park Street, Lincoln held their evaluation of their recent work.

I invited myself along to see it, and to share the pictures with you all!

The class are tutored by Margot Shores and the courses are run regularly throughout the year. Classes are friendly, welcoming and supportive. The sessions are held in a pleasant room with large windows overlooking a wooded area which provides students with inspiration throughout the year.


Entrance to Age Uk Lincoln

Age UK really is a fantastic and welcoming place; it has full disability access, an excellent cafe and is a hive of activity with a variety of classes and facilities on offer throughout the week. It is easily reached by public transport and is just a minutes’ walk from Lincoln High Street (the entrance to Park Street is opposite Ruddock’s).


Colourful murals on the staircase at AgeUK

Each student is encouraged and supported by Margot to find their own starting point for their work.  In addition, each week the current art news and local and national exhibitions are discussed within the group which provide interest and inspiration.

First to show her work was Sue. Sue worked with a square brush and enjoyed experimenting with a fluid style.



IMG_0691 (2)

Sue used watercolour and worked from memory to produce this painting.

IMG_0693 (2)

Pat used the theme of ‘line’ as inspiration for this large scale beach scene.



A picture of the stained glass window in Glasgow’s Queens Cross church by Pat, using watercolour pencils and again using the theme of ‘line’.



IMG_0695 (2)

A stunning pen and ink drawing by Rachel. She uses a variation of line – using cross hatching to produce different tones to give depth to her work. This is her own original observation drawing of Swanage.

IMG_0698 (2)

A beautiful water colour of a hexagonal box by Rachel.  Rachel explained “I felt inspired by the topic of ‘line’ because it was a definate thing to get my teeth into.”


A ‘blotesque’ inspired piece. Blotesque is a technique the group looked at and worked with using paint or ink applied to wet paper and was used by the artist Arthur Melville.

IMG_0699 (2)

A torn collage of watercolour paintings inspired by and named ‘Tulips’ by Judith.


The group discussed topical/ current affairs which inspired Judith to produce sketches on the themes of ‘loneliness’ and mass migration.  She plans to use this as a starting point for further work.


Fruit bowl water colour using sunny citrus colours by Judith




IMG_0703 (2)

Two contrasting pictures by Judith – the bottom picture is a personal response to the Paris Terror attacks.


IMG_0708 (2)

Annis looked at trees and the lines they produced with contrasting effects – birch and oak trees.


Annis used bloteque to produce this watercolour.


Annis produced this dramatic collage and watercolour piece based on Lincoln Cathedral. She said she enjoys using preliminary sketches and observational drawings before producing her final piece.


A beautiful flower by Annmarie which was produced using water soluble pencils.

IMG_0711 (3)

A very detailed pen, pencil crayon and pencil drawing of L S Lowry’s ‘Coming from the Mill’ using subdued colours by Annmarie. At the top of the picture is a line drawing inspired by an artwork by another artist:  ‘City in the Sky’ by Jess Stokes.

IMG_0713 (2)IMG_0714 (2)


Two vibrant and colourful pictures by Kirsty. Kirsty uses acrylic paint and likes to paint large scale. Her work is inspired by conversations with her grandchild. The top picture was inspired by planets and the bottom picture was inspired by the lines within a zebra’s coat.



A pen and pencil drawing by Annis, based on the theme of refugees and issues surrounding migration camps.


As ever the subject matter featured was diverse, and shows the individuality of the students and their unique approaches to their artwork.


Enrolments are currently being taken for the new course beginning Wednesday 27th April.

The course will begin with observational drawing, throughout the course students will engage in a variety of themes and drawing and painting processes.

Students can use their own materials to keep costs down. The course fee is £84.70 for eleven weeks or free if in receipt of an income related benefit.

For further information or to book a place, please contact the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472 or book online http://www.wea.org.uk/courses





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