gardening tools etc needed


Our tutor Charlotte is running a series of  courses for students with disabilities at The Wong Lincoln.

During the course Charlotte’s students will be learning about plants and gardening and at the same time transforming a very boring courtyard area at their centre. By the end of the summer term we hope to have created a really pleasant space for people to spend time in.

However, we need your help.

Do you have any of the following you’d be happy to donate to the gardening group:

  • Hand tools, forks, spades etc
  • Lightweight spades, hoes and forks
  • Empty plastic plant pots
  • Plastic watering cans
  • New compost
  • Containers for plants
  • Coloured wind chimes
  • Lightweight wheelbarrow
  • Water butt
  • Unused grow bags
  • Trellis or similar
  • Large builder’s ballast bag containing good clean soil (cheeky request this!)
  • Seeds, plants and cuttings
  • Anything else you think will brighten the space

As the students’ confidence grows, they will, with Charlotte’s help, be trying their hands at making their own wind chimes and plant containers and at the same time, learning about recycling and sustainability – but we’d like to get them started with a few donations.

The tools need to be in good condition and the plant pots and containers need to be pest free.

If you can help either email Nikki Cleaver or telephone our Lincoln office on 01522 522472 and we will work with you to arrange collection.

  We intend to have a special page on this site to chart the group’s progress – keep visiting and see the results of their hard work.



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