Save Adult Education

The WEA is still campaigning to save adult education prior to next week’s spending review.



Here are some of the reasons our students give for attending adult education courses, we’re sure you can think of many more!

“My class is the only thing that gets me up and out on a cold day”

“Knowledge is power”


“We have company to learn with and we enrich each other’s knowledge”

“Learning is essential in ALL societies”


“Learning is fun – it keeps you stimulated”

“Maths skills are needed in all parts of our lives”

“Learning new skills makes for a successful society”

“Knowledge and understanding is essential in a democratic society”

“We all need to learn new skills to make our society successful”


We all know the benefits of learning something new are far wider than just knowing something about a new subject – it is about keeping our brains and minds active, improving our health and sense of well-being and it is a way of preventing isolation … but most importantly LEARNING IS FUN

Please help our campaign by emailing your MP  and explaining to them why adult education needs saving

THANK YOU – WEA East Midlands Region


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