In and around Lincolnshire


I found some photo’s taken in and around Lincoln, here’s a few to see what you think? Your suggestions for the blog image would be great.  Please forward to our Lincoln office.

20150718_135647         20150718_135341


20150913_161157           20150718_135639

Our Lincoln WEA team are hard at it in and around Lincolnshire.

Joanna is working hard in the office taking all of your calls and Aimee, one of our three volunteers, is working hard updating our contact list. When she reaches 1000 we are going to celebrate with a cake. Obviously!.


Linda has been meeting students and tutors around Grantham and Boston and getting to know her patch.  This week in the office it’s all about Spring and Summer courses for the new brochure.  I cant believe I’m already thinking about spring when autumn just  seems to have reached us finally. We are all looking forward to new exciting developments over the coming months and into the new year.  Summers is now well and truly over so batten down the hatches for a change in climate and spooky anticipation for Halloween.       



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