New Course Programme Workers

As one of the new Course programme Workers for the WEA I would like to say a warm ‘Hello’ to all of our students, members, branches, tutors and our readers.

We are very much hoping to get our blog up and running over the next few weeks and would like to invite you to share in this.  As myself and Linda have only been in post for a very short time we are both busy out and about meeting you guys and getting to grips with our new roles in the WEA.

It is our intention that our blog is to be very much part of that development so if you would like to contribute please forward your ideas, messages and pictures to our office.  We are particularly interested in your photos of the county so we can start to change our front page with images of our county Lincolnshire.

It is a very busy time for us here at the Lincoln WEA as we are currently working on our new Spring and Summer brochure so please watch this space for our new 2016 courses. We hope in the future to be able to offer our students more choice in courses and also to be more inclusive and offer courses in Employability, Health and Wellbeing , Community Engagement as well as Culture.

We feel it’s a very exciting time for the WEA in Lincolnshire and we hope to share our news and views with yours, so please do email us with your ideas. All will be read and we will post regularly to keep you up to date with what’s happening with the WEA and Lifelong Learning across our county.

Sarah Singh


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