Building the world in Miniature

Pottery Students at Ancaster Day Centre spent the spring term exploring the world of buildings and architecture in miniature.

fairy houses made by students at Ancaster Day Centre

Tutor Jane encouraged students to think about how houses and other buildings are constructed and what materials were used in their construction.

Throughout the course students tackled a diverse range of design challenges with one student successfully attempting a large church!

A bungalow, a cottage, a romantic ruin, a Tudor dwelling,  pyramids and fairy houses were some of the buildings which were also created.

houses 2

Each item was carefully planned and selected by the student and then constructed with support and advice from the tutor.

houses 3

The course is aimed primarily at adults with disabilities at Ancaster Day Centre Lincoln.

The WEA offer a range of art and design courses throughput Lincolnshire. For more information please contact the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472 or search for courses by clicking:


pyramid plaque

One student looked at pyramids for his design . Two dimentional pyramids were cut out of clay, decorated with textures and glazed then stuck to a background along with a clay depiction of an Egyptian fan.

Life in the UK through its History and Culture.

Experienced tutor Adrian Turner is teaching a new course which begins on Thursday 4th May 2017.

The course will focus on improving English vocabulary by learning about British history, culture and special days in the calendar.

Please note there is a required level for students attending to have achieved  ESOL Entry 2 (or above).

The course venue is the YMCA, St Rumbold Street (above  the gym.)


Tutor: Adrian Turner

Start date & time:04/05/2017 at 10 am – 12  [2 hours].

Venue: YMCA, St Rumbold Street Lincoln LN2 5AR.

Fee: £61.60 for 8 weeks or free if in receipt of an income related benefit.



For further information, or to book a place please contact

WEA Lincoln Office Tel: 01522 522472or 07500823175

Email: or


Learning about colour and pigments with the WEA

An exciting new WEA course aimed at adults with disabilites has been sussessfully taught by experienced art tutor Sally Darlow.

Sally has been extremely busy since January, working hard teaching the course at three different day centres across Lincolnshire! Student feedback has shown the students have embraced the course with enthusiasm and have loved the challenge of learning something fresh and different!

The eleven week course  focused on the educative side of art; looking in depth at colour and pigments. Not only did the students produce fun and colourful pieces of art, they also learned about colour in the world around them, what different colours represent, where pigments come from, as well as the importance of colour in different cultures and parts of history.

Students were encouraged  to take time on their artwork – focusing on what they had learned in the lesson, and applying it to their art – be it a piece of colouring, a mosaic, or their own gilding work! Every piece of art had a purpose, and the students loved learning something new, as well as having something to take home.

Students started the hard work with group discussions called ‘Discussion Duck’, where the students would take it in turns to speak when the duck was in their hand. This encouraged everyone to respect the person speaking.  Sessions ended with a fun memory game – normally there were a few rounds of the game as the students loved it so much!

By the end of course assessment it was discovered that most students had retained the information learned in classes and the students showed interest about continuing their learning with the WEA. Tutor Sally Darlow hopes the students will take the knowledge of Colour and Pigments, and apply it to their daily life, and any courses they may take in the future.

For more information about courses targeted to adults with disabilities please contact the Lincoln office direct on 01522 522 472.


Spring exhibition by our Mixed Media art students at Ancaster Day Centre


The end of a successful term was celebrated by our students displaying a selection of their artwork to fellow attendees and staff at the centre.

Tutor Jane assisted the students in the selection and final display of their chosen pieces. Artwork was carefully mounted and pinned onto boards to create the display.

The students were later awarded their certificates for successful completion of the course.

The eleven week course saw students create art based on the theme of ‘the natural world’. Students worked in a variety of media including: oil pastels, watercolour, poster paint, acrylic, inktense pencils, collage and pencil .

The WEA offer a range of art and craft courses in Lincolnshiren throughout the year,for more details please see our brochure, or ring the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472.


Spring artwork by WEA Creative Art Students

Our talented students on the WEA ‘Express Yourself with Creative Art’ have yet again delivered a stunning collection of work for the Spring term.

Led by expert art tutor Rachel Holland Hargreaves, the students had a theme each week to base their artwork around.

For a detailed blog on the exhibition by our East Midlands blogger  please click here.

This term one of themes was to look at shadows, and one of my personal favourite pieces was this picture of a shadow puppet:


Another surreal idea was to take an everyday object out of its usual concept and turn it into something else: how very clever is this plug/piano?


For more information about creative courses with the WEA please download our recent brochure or ring our Lincoln office on 01522 522 472.

For spring – summer brochure click here.

New WEA Ancestry course for Boston – Trace the Ancestors Next Steps


Boston venue Fydell House is the perfect setting for the  course

Do your ancestors appear in poor records?  Did they break the law?  What if they were illegitimate? Is it worth DNA testing? For those of you who know the basics
, here’s a course to help you take your family history further.

Starts: Thursday 27 April, 10.30-12.30 pm with tutor: Gill Groom at: Fydell House,  Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6HU cost: £53.90 for 7 weeks, or free if in receipt of an income related benefit.

For further information or to book a place please contact WEA Lincoln Office tel: 01522 522472  email: or Zara Handley: Tel: 07500823175 email:

WEA ESOL students discuss International Women’s Day 2017

womens day

The ESOL  (English for speakers of other languages) students have been practicing their discussion and debating skills as part of their learning at Abbey Access Centre, Lincoln.

As well as covering health and healthy living topics, students on the course take part in debating current affairs and news stories. These skills will assist them in their final examinations in the Summer.

On March the 8th, students discussed International Women’s Day. With students attending the class from a range of different countries it provided an interesting insight into how women are celebrated around the world and in different cultures.

Student’s from  a diverse range of countries including Afghanistan, Italy,Hungary and Iran discussed the importance and relevance of the event.

The students discussed how the event had become more high-profile than ever before this year, thanks in part to social media.

Overall the students felt the day was a positive celebration of women, and that both men and women in modern life are extremely busy and have to multi-task to keep everything going – which lead to tutor Sue explaining some english  language sayings such as ‘keeping the plates spinning’!

The Worker’s Educational Association currently  offer ESOL and Life in the UK classes in Lincoln. For more information please contact the Lincoln office on 01522 522 472.

spinning plates

Keeping the plates spinning!